The Mitram helpline caters to people of all ages across all demographics. Even though the focus is on Bengaluru, the telephone helpline can service across the state of Karnataka and other regions in India and abroad.

Need Help?

Our Helpline offers unconditional and confidential emotional support to anyone going through a crisis in their lives.

We are with you.

You are not alone.

Talk to us in complete anonymity. We are non-judgemental and do not advise.

Worried about someone?

If a loved one or someone you know is feeling stressed, depressed or suicidal, asking how they are feeling might save their life.

Their burden of pain may becoming too much to bear. Listening with acceptance and encouraging them to seek help, talking to whom they can trust, family or friend, mental health professional or emotional support helplines may open up ways to seek help.

You could be under stress too as it’s tough to be there for a loved one close to you. You could call us to share your burden and look at options.