About Us

Mitram is a suicide prevention helpline operating under the registered voluntary organization, Mitram Foundation. We are based in Bengaluru and provide emotional support in English, Hindi and Kannada.

Our suicide prevention helpline offers emotional support to those going through a crisis in their lives, especially the stressed, depressed and/or suicidal, through unconditional and confidential help in the form of a helpline in a non-judgemental and non-advisory manner.

How We Help

When one starts a conversation on mental health, there is stigma associated with it. Feelings of worthlessness, introversion, an air of silence and even shutdown can follow. While anonymity, confidentiality, respect, non-judgement are traits that we expect in such a condition, it is never so in our society.

Suicide prevention and emotional distress helplines believe in walking the path with the person. In being there for the person in a confidential and non-judgmental manner, the helplines offer hope for understanding and emotional support. The help can be got anonymously and offers the ‘human touch and connect’ which those going through crisis always seek.

The Team

The support that we provide relies predominately on a team of experienced volunteers who are selected through an intensive selection process to assess their suitability for the cause and trained professionally to be of service through the helpline.

Our volunteers neither judge nor tell people what to do. They “listen actively”.

And by active listening and asking questions empathetically, we help people explore their feelings and work out their own way forward. We do not denounce suicide and it is not necessary to be suicidal to contact us.

You can also become a volunteer at Mitram. Please click here to know more.

Befrienders’ History

In 1952, Chad Varah, British Anglican priest in UK, set up a registered charity aimed at providing emotional support for people suffering with depression or contemplating suicide.

“Samaritans”, the world’s first crisis hotline, received overwhelming response and spread quickly throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, typically through dedicated telephone helpline.

Realising that a lot more can be done, in 1974 Varah established Befrienders International (now known as Befrienders Worldwide). The organisation has several branches across the world – 400 centres in 38 countries.

Befrienders India currently has 16 centres that reach out to more than 1 lakh people every year. Befrienders help the distressed, depressed and suicidal by offering emotional support while maintaining total confidentiality and complete anonymity.

To understand more about the nodal bodies of suicide prevention in India and in the world, please visit Befrienders India & Befrienders Worldwide.